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About GACW

Govt. Associate College Women is one of the renowned colleges of the city Faisalabad, situated in the Asia’s largest colony, Ghulam Muhammad Abad. The journey of Govt. Associate College Women Ghulam Muhammad Abad started as an intermediate college in 1986. Former MPA, Mr. Muhammad Bashir Nabhey Wala, played a major role in the establishment of the college building. On August 20, 1986, college was inaugurated by the former Director of Colleges, Late Abdul Sattar Chawla. The present building of the college covers 38 canals. The Govt. has allotted approximately 11 canals of land for the construction of building. The former MPA, Malik Muhammad Din offered his own discretionary funds in the construction of college boundary wall and six rooms. Mr. Haji Muhammad Akram Ansari (MNA), granted an amount of 35 Lacs for the establishment of six more rooms, Physics and Chemistry Laboratories. With the collaboration of Taj Bibi (District Member), one more classroom was built in the same span of time. The college was upgraded to Degree level in the year 2003, with the collaboration and efforts of Social Worker, Mr. Iqbal Kastro. Moreover, Degree block which is comprised of six classrooms, a Library and B.Sc. block, a hall where state-of-art computer lab further constructed in 2012. Hundreds of students are acquiring education of Information & Technology. An admin block and ten more rooms were built by the untiring efforts and collaboration of Haji Muhammad Akram Ansari (MNA) and Malik Nawaz (MPA).

On 01-09-16 ten classrooms and on 07-10-17 an admin block inaugurated respectively, by the former Fedral Minister for Trade and Textile, Haji Muhammad Akram Ansari.

For the fulfillment of needs of the increasing strength of students, in recognition of its outstanding performance in the field of education, two developmental schemes approved by the Government to construct classrooms in adjacent allotted plot that have been completed and handed over to the College in April 2021. The college has a unique distinction among other colleges in Faisalabad Division due to its hallmark in education as well as in extra-curricular activities. The college is making progress by leaps and bounds under the supervision and prudent leadership of Dr. Mrs. Riffat Aisha Mir, principal of the college and the staff members. We all pray for its success in future. May it bring a good name to the nation and uplift its pride! Amen.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to emerge as a leading institution that help to promote excellence in the field of education which leads towards the welfare of our nation and society.

Our mission is to provide quality education to the youth of our nation in a stimulating and conducive learning environment by equipping them with the intellectual and technological tools necessary to meet the challenges of the future.


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Installation of Water Filteration Plant
Installation of Water Chiller
Transport Facility
CCTV Cameras(Installed for Security Vigilance)
Availability of Science Laboratories
Computer Lab
Generator availability in Admin Block and Computer Lab for non-stop working
Dispensary with essential commodities full Covid-19
Multimedia Services
Hall for Students
Burqa Room
Prayer Room